Seedit Vision
Seedit Vision
AI Deep Learning Computer Vision
  • AI Deep Learning Powered Computer Vision for improved inspection accuracy

    With optimized algorithms and no programming requirements, it has never been easier to deploy machine vision technology
  • Is AI Deep Learning Powered Computer Vision a good fit for your inspection needs?

    AI Driven Machine Vision is deployed in a myriad of industries. Seedit Vision offers a no-charge, no-obligation Vision Study to determine if your parts are a good candidate for AI Deep Learning Machine Vision.
  • AI Deep Learning Powered Computer Vision with a surprising twist

    At Seedit Vision we recognize that each company has different budgetary and capital equipment requirements. That's why we created Computer Vision as a Service (CVaaS). A subscription based option of plans to suit your financing needs.
  • AI Deep Learning Powered Computer Vision is changing the quality inspection landscape

    Everything from less setup time to non-technical users is changing AI Deep Learning Driven deployments

Removing technical barriers

Seedit's AI Driven Machine Vision systems do not require any programming at the your facility. Users do not need any technical knowledge of machine vision. Everything is intuitive and laid out in a user-friendly interface. This allows you to have full autonomous control over your inspections.

Removing financial barriers

Seedit recognizes that a lot of companies want to take advantage of AI Driven Machine Vision systems but are concerned about the technical barriers or the cost. Seedit has an innovative business model giving you all the benefits of AI for a simple monthly payment plan.
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