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Seedit Vision
AI Deep Learning Computer Vision

A Few Words About Us

At Seedit we believe there is massive underutilization of AI Driven Machine Vision in industry.  Everything we do at Seedit has the goal of making this game-changing technology available to businesses who can take advantage of it. As a result, we have a very clear understanding of what AI Driven Machine Vision should and should not be.

Key benefits for Our Customers

Our goal is to deliver high quality, easy to use, AI/Deep Learning, budget-friendly machine vision systems. Our customers benefit from high-accuracy inspection systems that can be used by untrained production, quality and manufacturing staff. Our customers enjoy flexible payment plans based on their usage. As a result, our customers go from curious to deployment in an extremely short period of time. 

Good Fit

Find out if your inspection application is a suitable candidate for AI Driven Machine Vision


Seedit specifies all of the required technology, hardware and software


Seedit can conduct the installation and deployment of the vision system

Our Mission

To make AI Deep Learning driven machine-vision financially and technically accessible to all industries

Our Vision

A world where companies of all sizes and technical competencies are using AI Deep Learning machine-vision

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